Let the journey begin!

Leaving behind

Every new stage of life leaves an old one behind. One of the most interesting years of my life is getting to an end. I lived in an extraordinary extreme place, I got to know a very unique and rich culture, I lived together with the most loving and sincere people from all over the world, I found friends that feel like family, I travelled to a lot of new places, I saw the stunning beauty of nature, I felt connected to the world like I never did before. These experiences will have an impact on my life forever. It has changed my way of thinking and being. This year brought me back on track. It is the first time for a very long time that I do not feel lost anymore. I know exactly what I want now. I am going to follow my heart. Even if it means to leave great people behind and to say goodbye (forever). This is where we part company. Some people stay, some people go back to their real lifes back home, some people are taking new tracks. Nevertheless we share an unique experience that will always connect us to each other. I am very grateful for that!

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!

The future is happening – now!

Even though I have already lived and worked in different countries for a certain amount of time I was never entirely “free” there. Either I was working for some organisation or studying at university. But my greatest wish I could not accomplish so far: Just travelling.

This is going to change today! For the first time in my life I do not have any obligations in Germany anymore and I even saved enough money to afford a longer stay abroad. I have never been closer to my dream! Finally I can drift and just see what happens. Changing the certain for the uncertain, changing the reasonable life for an adventure, changing regularity for freedom. I have never been closer to fulfill my dream!



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