The Journey is the Destination

During my journey I travel a lot a lot a lot of kilometers. Especially living in Russia changed my feeling for distances. Thousands of kilometers do not seem far anymore, hours of sitting in the airplane do not seem long anymore. All the sudden every destination seems to be close and the world so small. I already surrounded the world after six months working in Russia. I wonder how long it is gonna take me this time…. It is too late for my ecological footprint anyway….

Yakutsk – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy             1.966,92 km

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Anchorage         3.143,00 km

Anchorage – Homer                                                  197,13 km *

Anchorage – San Francisco                                 3.225,89 km

San Francisco – Manila, Philippines                 11.212,72 km

Manila – Cebu, Philippines                                      569,54 km

Cebu – Puerto Princessa, Philippines                     569,42 km

Manila, Philippines – Singapore                            2.391,99 km

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                      309,25 km

Kuala Lumpur, MY – Phuket, Thailand                  654,30 km

Bangkok, Thailand – Hanoi, Vietnam                    993,33 km

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Yangon, Myanmar        1.317,88 km

Chiang Mai – Phuket, Thailand                                1.202,72 km

Phuket, Thailand –

        Frankfurt am Main, Germany                          9.301,95 km


Subtotal                                                                       37.055,44 km

* That is the shortest flight I have ever taken in my life!

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